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Board of Directors

Leading and stewarding the ongoing development and sustainability of ARCS, the Board of Directors meets regularly during the season.  ARCS is a financially stable and vibrant non-profit organization that pursues its vision and mission with passion and perseverance.  Guided by a strategic plan and supported by the Artistic Director and Executive Director, the Board provides oversight to ARCS' financial standing, program development, human resources, marketing and audience development initiatives, and fund development.  Individuals with experience on a board, or those seeking to develop their leadership skills are invited to be considered for a position on ARCS' Board. Expressions of interest should be directed to the Executive Director for consideration in being nominated to the Slate of Candidates at the Annual General Meeting held each year in October.

ARCS Board of Directors 2017 - 2018

Christene Gordon, President 
Sara Munkittrick, Vice President 
Roxanne Steen, Treasurer 
Cathy Cush, Secretary
Anne Edison, Director 
Marni Fieldberg, Director 
Carleen Smith, Director 
Mary Jane Turcato, Director 
David Wood, Director 

Venita Ramanna (ex-officio)
Brian Bowman (ex-officio)
Robyn Jackson (ex-officio)