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Musical Resources


Comprehensive Warm-Up

This warm up includes relaxation, releasing the tension from the body prior to singing, breathing exercises and a variety of vocal warm-ups that foster resonance and focus the sound of your voice. 


Quick and Easy - All Voices

This vocal warm-up uses the same note patterns with different syllables and vowels to warm your voice.


Male Vocal Warm-Up


Alternative Male Warm-Up

Although for men, women can also use this warm-up to build and extend their ranges both high and low. 


Build Your Musical and Choral Knowledge and Ability

Reading a Choral ScoreThis video is VERY helpful for individuals who are new to choir. It takes you through reading a choral score, how to follow your part along and gives tips on what the musical notes on the page can tell you even if you do not know what their names or values are.


Music Theory: Treble Clef 

Understanding & Identifying Notes


Music Theory: Bass Clef

Understanding & Identifying Notes


Music Basics: Notes and Rhythms

Lesson 1: Note Values, Duration and Time Signatures


Music Basics: Notes and Rhythms

Lesson 2: Rhythm, Dotted Notes, Ties and Rests


Music Basics: Notes and Rhythms

Lesson 3: Meters in Double and Triple Time, Upbeats


Syncopation Made Easy!

EXCELLENT resource for building your understanding of syncopation and strengthening your internalization and accuracy of the rhythms we often see in our music.