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Production Team

The ARCS Production Team is responsible for the delivery of public performance logistics, staging, costuming, properties, backstage management and sets.  During the year, the Production Team meets regularly to develop a season plan in support of the season program requirements.  Public performances include Something Christmas, ARCS Annual Talent Show & Silent Auction, Calgary Sings! and the Year-End Production.  ARCS members who seek to become involved in this exciting volunteer opportunity should express interest to the Chair or Artistic Director.  
Production Team
Tammy Postma, Chair
Brian Bowman, Artistic Director
Michelle Kotelko, Director
Reema Fanning, Choreography Co-Team Lead
Carol Cook, Choreography Co-Team Lead
Sharon Stiles, Production Manager
Rainer Oebels, Production Assistant
Costuming Team
Joanne Todesco, Costuming Co-Manager
Pam Cullen, Costuming Co-Manager
Stella Arcega, Costuming Coordinator
Debbie Goodman, Costuming Coordinator
Aileen Lajoie, Costuming Coordinator
Ginny Hughes, Special Costuming Constultant